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The last letter (t) has been
designed as an upward pointing
arrow to indicate an immediate
growth in success. The upward
pointing direction symbolizes
optimism, improvement, forward
motion...delivery. In addition, it
is placed slightly higher than the
rest of the elements to convey a
sense of detachment and
reinforce the concept of growth.
It is as if it were a mathematical
formula in which the union of the
business and Zuplyit multiples
results exponentially, bringing
success and positivity.

Do you have 10 restaurants or more?

All of your restaurant chain management, in one single platform.

Manage orders from all your channels: Website, App, Marketplaces, Kiosks, Phone calls, along with its delivery, from a single platform. By having automatic synchronization with your POS, operational efficiency will be optimized, and errors minimized.

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Menu Items

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Monthly Orders

If you have a restaurant chain, perhaps these cases seem familiar to you…
You don’t have a record of who, what and how often they buy from you through Apps like Uber, Glovo or Just Eat?

“I don’t know if it’s the same person who buys from me 100 times or 100 different people who buy from me once.”

Patricia, CMO

The lack of customer date leads to:

– The inability to carry out personalized marketing campaigns to increase your sales.
– You will not be able to retain customers if you do not know their purchasing habits.
– The lack of information will not let you launch new products.

You don't have a reliable delivery service? Do orders usually arrive in poor condition, late, or cold, causing you to lose customers?

“We deliver a high-quality product to the delivery person; however, it doesn’t always reach the customer in the best condition. It’s frustrating that our reputation is affected by poor reviews due to situations that are beyond our control.”

Joseph, Restaurant Manager

The absence of a reliable delivery could result in::

– Receiving poor reviews and very negative comments on social media.
– Losing your customers and sales due to a negative experience.
– Having to invest a great effort in repairing the problems caused to each client and in many cases, you’re not able to achieve a complete solution.
Do you have several technological programs that create multiple repetitive processes across different screens and devices, generating an increase in administrative tasks for both the store and headquarters?

“We haven’t found a technology that solves all our needs, so we end up having a program for each task, which generates a lot of chaos.”

Eduard, COO

Lacking an integrated solution can lead to:

– Having to manually enter orders into the POS system.
– Needing to communicate with multiple suppliers every time a technical issue occurs.
– Being compelled to negotiate, sign contracts, and make payments to multiple companies.
– You are constantly experiencing a rise in administrative expenses.

As a non-specialist in technology, do you not know what is the ideal solution to address your current and future needs?

“The dilemma is: should I add a solution for each process, or use an end-to-end solution?”

Alexander, CEO

If you don’t have an integrated solution, it’s very likely that:

– You’ll need to change your solution from time to time because the one you had became limited in terms of capacity and functionalities.
– Your data and processes are fragmented, making management difficult and generating operational inefficiencies.
– Making informed decisions will be challenging, and as a result, effectively driving your business could be hindered.

Several challenges, SOLVED with one single software.


Home delivery


Order and pay

Eat in

Delivery with last mile companies

Delivery with own delivery drivers

Customer loyalty programs

Virtual brands


Ordering App

Ordering Web

Self-ordering Kiosks

Reception of phone orders

Reception of WhatsApp orders


Marketplaces Hub (Uber Eats, Just Eat, Bolt, Glovo, Wolt, etc.)

One single screen to centralize ALL operations

Customer loyalty programs

Management of very diverse promotions

Detailed and extensive reports

Own delivery drivers tools




Last mile companies

Payment gateways

And other


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Zuplyit offers software that enables you to boost your business through Orders and Deliveries. We provide loyalty tools, marketing strategies, and guidance to help you successfully launch and position your own channel. With Zuplyit, you can expand your customer base, encourage purchase frequency and increase the average ticket value, as well as reduce Marketplace costs.