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Home Delivery Module

Zuplyit‘s Home Delivery Platform
enables brands to offer Food Delivery to its customers by managing its own delivery couriers and incorporating Orders from:

  • its own Channels: Mobile App, Web and/or WhatsApp,
  • and Intermediary Food Ordering Services like Uber Eats, Just Eat and many others

making important savings by reducing dependence and commissions to third parties like food marketplaces and external delivery partners.

In addition, it empowers the brand’s marketing department with special Artificial Intelligence tools to monitor and increase sales through abandoned cart, recommendation engine, promotional tools, loyalty program, courier delivery review and segmented notifications.

Being a Modular Platform based on the Cloud, it is very easy to implement and be used by all people involved in the process: headquarters, stores, couriers and even customers, allowing them to make delivery orders without problems. Zuplyit‘s platform can easily be connected to the different systems of the brand such as the POS, payment system, CRM, loyalty tools and more.

Zuplyit takes care of everything from the order placement to its delivery, constantly increasing your revenues!